21st February 2018

Rules Work

The working group to revise the rules of the Central Council (the “Rules Working Group”) was established in August 2017 to deliver Proposal F of the Council Review Action Group (CRAG) report, which was adopted by the Central Council on 29th May 2017.

As Christopher O’Mahony, the current President, puts it, “the clear mandate at Edinburgh was to reform and renew the Council’s governing structures so as to deliver better services that benefit ringers and ringing.”

A key first step on this journey, identified by CRAG, is to remove some of the organisational barriers which have frustrated the Council’s efforts over recent years and introduce a more effective form of decision-making, notably through the introduction of a board of trustees (or “Executive”) as employed by the majority of UK charities, supported by teams of subject matter experts (or “Workgroups”).

The three objectives of the Rules Work is to implement the reforms agreed in May 2017, to bring the Council’s rules into compliance with current Charity Commission guidance and to simplify the language of the rules where possible. See more details on our work:

The Final Edition
(for adoption at the Lancaster Meeting)

Read the Final Edition Documents

Frequently Asked Questions – Edition 3.1

Previous Work (September 2017 to January 2018)

Our Scope and Terms of Reference

Key Architectural Decisions

Previous Versions

Past Consultations

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