3rd June 2018

Strategic Objectives 2018-2020


To be the strategic leader and public voice of the ringing community, the arbiter of standards; and to promote an environment where ringing can flourish


A vibrant community of ringers; with bell ringing widely valued as an enjoyable mental and physical exercise and unique performing art, which enhances the life of both community and church


  1. To recruit and develop new learners and new leaders
  2. To engage maturely with the Church and other relevant stakeholders
  3. To continue to raise positive public awareness of ringing
  4. To celebrate and promote the historical legacy of ringing
  5. To promote excellence in standards
  6. To increase direct participation in the Central ringing organisation’s activities

Tactical programmes – expanding on the top six

1.1        Work with ART in the development and delivery of a Leadership Module / Seminar series
1.2        Leverage the Armistice centenary as an (inter)national recruitment campaign
1.3        Deliver a Youth Leadership Forum at the Lancaster 2018 event

2.1        Liaise with ChurchCare / CBC / HE, working with Diocesan Bell Advisers etc
2.2        Liaise with church insurers to provide a safe, healthy and enjoyable ringing environment
2.3        Liaise with church authorities to achieve an agreed joint approach to safeguarding
2.4        Devise and share best practice in terms of bell restoration and redundant bell procedures

3.1        Raise public awareness through Ringing Remembers / Armistice100 publicity
3.2        Review Council’s publications in terms of opportunities for increased public awareness
3.3        Increase liaison with ART and Ringing World and others involved in ringing communications and marketing
3.4        Offer promotional guidance, support and encouragement to ringing societies and individuals

4.1        Promote the work of the CCCBR Library through traditional and online media
4.2        Deliver a Biographies seminar at Lancaster 2018
4.3        Review the Council’s archive of peal records and compositions

5.1        Develop and agree a new descriptive permissive framework for Methods
5.2        Secure and develop the Dove resource for the benefit of all ringers
5.3        Support and sponsor innovation in ringing (EG simulators, strikeometer, pullometer)

6.1        Encourage direct participation in 2018 events, such as the March simulator day, Ringing Remembers, Lancaster 2018 and future festivals of ringing
6.2        Explore crowdfunding opportunities as a source of revenue
6.3        To encourage the development of a “towerpedia” app 


The Council shall have the following Workgroups, whose principal areas of activity are shown below :

W1.1 Volunteer & Leadership

  1. To mobilise bell ringers to create and develop for themselves the teams, knowledge, resources and skills to enable ringing to flourish
  2. To promote life long learning in ringing both for individuals and teams and the development of support mechanisms for ringers and bands of all abilities.
  3. To promote excellence in ringing through relevant technical and leadership training

W1.2 Stewardship & Management

  1. To support ringers, the owners of bells, and other interested parties in all matters relating to the care of bells, ringers and those who visit bell towers in the areas of:
    1. statutory compliance, safety and governance in relation to ringing
    2. funding, products, expertise and facilities to support ringing and the availability of bell installations
    3. best practice relating to maintenance, and improvement of bell installations and training facilities
    4. research and innovation in the advancement of bell ringing, its methodologies, tools and technologies

W1.3 Communications & Marketing

  1. To co-ordinate Communications and Marketing activity to :
    1. Encourage the growth and public appreciation of bell ringing
    2. Represent the interests of bell ringing and ringers
    3. Foster the recruitment and retention of ringers.
  2. To provide Communications and Marketing support for the Council’s work
  3. To promote the Council’s trusted reputation
  4. To support the Executive’s efforts to develop strong relationships with key partners
  5. To encourage the adoption of complementary communications strategies by ringing societies.

W1.4 Historical & Archive

  1. To develop and manage a comprehensive historical and reference resource relating to ringers and all aspects of ringing.
  2. To make these resources as widely known and appreciated as possible within the ringing community and more generally.

W1.5 Technical & Taxonomy

  1. To maintain and publish for the Council authoritative reference standards for change ringing.
  2. To ensure that authoritative records and analysis of published methods, published compositions and significant tower & handbell peals are available.
  3. Where requested to provide guidance on methods, compositions and aspects of ringing theory.
  4. To promote innovation and interest in the theory of ringing and the use of technology to support ringing.
  5. To develop and maintain technology platforms:
    1. to support the Council’s work and the objectives of its other Workgroups and Stewards.
    2. to support individual ringers and ringing societies where this will deliver significant benefits to the ringing community.

The above can be downloaded as a PDF document by clicking here.

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