10th November 2016

Peal Record Performance

St Martin's Guild for the Diocese of Birmingham


West Midlands, St Martin

On Tuesday 13 June 2000, in 3 hours and 52 minutes

Tenor: 39½

5,314 Cambridge Surprise Sixteen


1Jennifer R Sparling
2Jennie Paul
3Stephanie J Warboys
4Thomas W Griffiths
5Andrew P Warboys
6Paul E Bibilo
7Richard J Munnings
8Robin O Hall
9John M Thurman
10Roderick W Pipe (C)
11Graham C Paul
12Jeffrey Brannan
13Jonathan P Healey
14John S Warboys
15Michael P A Wilby
16Frederick Shallcross

First peal in the method on towerbells.


5314 Cambridge Surprise Sixteen

23456 W H ------------ 45236 - - 52436 3 2 (32456) s ------------

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