21st March 2017

New Resources (2017)

There are a number of new resources in 2017, so we have set up this area to help you find them more easily.

There are presentations you can tailor to your own needs, which contain guidance notes, but show a limited amount of information on each slide, so they can be used as communication tools.  These are:

An introduction to English bell ringing An-introduction-to-English-bell-ringing-final-March-2017-260317

A presentation for those who are interested in the history of ringing, eg a local historical society History-of-bell-ringing-final-March-2017-220317

A presentation for those interested in the science and maths behind change ringing The-science-of-English-bell-ringing-final-March-2017-web-version-220317

And in case you are not able to immediately access the video embedded in above, then you can find it in our central bank as follows:

Also, if you want to show more about bell tuning, please go here:

And if you want to demonstrate the power and beauty of a really big bell, then this clip of Great George at Bristol can do just that:

A ‘recruitment’ presentation Come and learn to ring final March 2017 220317

With acknowledgement  on the above to the Association of Ringing Teachers for much of the core material, as well as the working group led by Caroline Stockmann: David Gambling, Mike Gander, Stuart Holtham, Helen Horn, Martin Jones, Rosalind Martin and Milica Reardon.

Additional useful materials

We hope you might also find this guide to an open tower day useful Running a successful Tower Open Day v6 , with thanks to Margaret Bale and friends, as well as this example poster from Brisbane BrisbaneBellPoster.

To stimulate ideas about how you might promote ringing in your area/context, have a look at this presentation which was used as pre-reading for the ‘PR Matters‘ day in February 2017 The Effective PR Officer


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