16th September 2015

Bell Projects

Projects for installation of new rings of bells, and restoration, repair or augmentation of existing rings, vary in their scale and complexity. They require observance of ecclesiastical planning-permission procedures under the Faculty Jurisdiction in England and equivalent procedures in other countries, and require significant sums of money and proper contractual management.

The Central Council through its committees offers advice and resources to support Parochial Church Councils in England and their equivalents elswhere when planning, initiating and managing bell projects. A number of relevant publications are listed and described in the bibliography on this website.

The Towers and Belfries Committee assists PCC Principal Officers by providing procedural, planning and technical advice. The Bell Restoration Committee assists those who are planning the fund raising for bell projects, and it administers both the Central Council Bell Restoration Fund and the Fred E Dukes International Bell Fund.

The Committee for Redundant Bells works closely with the ecclesiastical authorities to minimise the loss to the Exercise of bells in churches being made redundant, and it also administers the Rescue Fund for Redundant Bells. The independent Keltek Trust works with the owners of redundant bells, with the Committee for Redundant Bells and with the bell founding and bell hanging Companies to help churches acquire surplus and/or redundant bells.

The bell founding and bell hanging Companies perform inspections and make recommendations for bell projects, typically for a nominal fee. Their advertisements appear regularly in The Ringing World and several can be viewed on The Ringing World website.

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