29th February 2016

ICT – Software Catalogue

This catalogue describes computer programs and systems that the authors wish to make available to the Exercise.

No claim is made about the suitability of the programs for any particular purpose. Any problems should be raised directly with the program’s author and not with the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers Information and Communications Technology Committee.

All the programs described in this publication are copyright. This means that you acquire the right only to use the program. You do not become the owner of the program and hence you may not make copies of the program to pass on to other people unless explicitly stated in the documentation accompanying the program.

Developing computer programs is an expensive and time consuming task. Some of these programs have been written to help raise money for worthwhile ringing projects. Feel free to donate more than the amount requested.

When asking for details of programs please enclose a stamped addressed envelope. This is not necessary if you are sending a cheque to cover the cost of purchase.

PC Windows
Apple Mac

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