16th September 2015

Peal Records

Upcoming Attempts

None currently planned


The Peal Records Committee was created at the 2008 Central Council meeting at Newcastle by the merging of the Peals Analysis Committee into the Records Committee.

The main work of the Peal Records Committee is maintaining a record of all peals and preparing an annual report and analysis of all peals published in The Ringing World. This includes details of first peals in new methods and record length peals as well as highlighting year on year changes, most popular methods rung, most pealed towers, and providing a detailed breakdown of the peals rung for each society.  The Committee is also involved in maintaining various peal databases, e.g. Felstead, collecting compositions used for first peals in methods, ratifying record length peals, checking for peals complying with Central Council Decisions, and preparing an abstract of interesting first and record peals for The Ringing World Diary.

The Committee webpages currently contain the details of the first peals and record length performances, an abstract of which is published annually in The Ringing World Diary.

Please email the committee on (email) to give notice of, and details of, a successful record length attempt. Compositions used for first peals in methods are also collected and can be sent address above. Additionally, any further information or corrections to the performances given will be gratefully received.

Terms of Reference

To maintain:

  • a record of the first peal in each method on each number of bells for both tower bells and handbells and subsequent record length peals together with compositions used;
  • a record of new methods included in multi-method peals;
  • a record of the progressive number of methods rung in peals of different groups of methods.
  • To prepare an analysis of and report on all peals published in The Ringing World.

The decisions governing the ringing of record length peals can be found in section D.D of the Central Council Decisions. Please refer to these if you are not sure what is required.

Committee membership

Richard Allton (Ancient Society of College Youths) Chairman
Alan Baldock (Additional Member)
Mark Bell (Oxford University Society)
Paul Cammiade (Essex Association)
Adam Crocker (Leeds University Society)
Ben Duke (Society of Royal Cumberland Youths)
Derek Sibson (Society of Royal Cumberland Youths)
Chris Turner (Lincoln Diocesan Guild)

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