16th September 2015


The Administrative Committee organises meetings of the Council, co-ordinates the activities of other committees, and deals with urgent matters between Council meetings. It is the Council’s senior committee and is chaired by the President. Its members are the Officers of the Council, the Chairmen of the other committees, the Chairmen of the Boards of Directors of The Ringing World Limited and 12 elected members.


Annual Reports

Committee Membership

The Officers of the Council, the Chairmen of the other committees, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of The Ringing World Limited, the Chairman of The Ringing Foundation Limited and the following elected members:

Richard Allton (Ancient Society of College Youths) Peal Records Committee Chairman, Compositions Committee Chairman
Mary Bone (Ex-officio Member) Honorary Secretary
John Couperthwaite (Guildford Diocesan Guild) Publications Committee Chairman
Ernie de Legh-Runciman (Lancashire Association) Tower Stewardship Committee Chairman
Kate Flavell (Surrey Association) Public Relations Committee Chairman
Linda Foddering (Middlesex County Association and London Diocesan Guild) Library Committee Chairman
John Harrison (Oxford Diocesan Guild) Biographies Committee Chairman
Tim Hine (North Staffordshire Association) Education Committee Chairman
David Kirkcaldy (Sussex County Association) Towers and Belfries Committee Chairman
Peter Niblett (Winchester and Portsmouth Diocesan Guild) Methods Committee Chairman
Nigel Orchard (Ex-officio Member) Chairman of The Ringing World Limited
David Richards (Cambridge University Guild) ICT Committee Chairman
Peter Wilkinson (Chester Diocesan Guild) Bell Restoration Committee Chairman

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