16th September 2015


The Education Committee of the Central Council promotes the teaching of ringers at all levels of ability.  Historically it has devised, organised and run training courses, commissioned and produced training materials, and worked in partnership with others to ensure this all happens.

The Committee has a useful role in terms of coordination and facilitation, and does not always need to carry out educational activities directly.  It provides a central resource to link interested parties to the best quality information, training and tools available.  In 2017-18 the Committee will be significantly changing its terms of reference to ensure it remains relevant and avoids duplication with other parties, but rather collaborates and promotes where appropriate. It also intends to take on new work.

To be effective/fulfill a need, we seek to establish gaps in and requirements of the wider bell ringing community. We keep in touch with (and promote) our partner organisations such as ART, the Whiting Society etc.  We publicise our activities and raise the profile of education through articles in The Ringing World, on the web and elsewhere.

Should you be interested in contributing to the Education Committee, please go to the Committee Membership page.


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