16th September 2015

Learning to Ring

The process of learning to ring summarises the steps usually taken by new ringers. Much ringing training takes place at the local level, either at individual towers or organised by ringing societies or their branch and district organisations.

Below is an overview of other opportunities for learning about ringing.

Learning the Ropes


Learning the Ropes is a progressive learning scheme for bell ringers used by accredited members of the Association or Ringing Teachers.  It is a structured scheme to enable ringers to progress faster and further.  It has five Levels from basic handling to change ringing and includes assessment by Quarter Peal.  Certificates are awarded on completion of each level.

For more details, take a look at the Learning the Ropes website.

Education Committee

The Central Council Education committee offers various courses and seminars, normally run for local ringing societies, or their branches, or ringing centres.

Ringing Centres

Ringing centres have been established at more than 30 towers in England and one in Australia. They provide access to competent teachers, special facilities and equipment to support high standards of teaching.

Please see: Ringing Centres Directory.

Nationally advertised Ringing Courses

  • Bradfield Ringing Course Details for the 2017 course (to be held 17 – 20 August) will be available on the Bradfield Ringing Course website
  • Essex Ringing Course Details are now available on the Essex Ringing Course website
  • Hereford Ringing Course Details are now available on the Hereford Ringing Course website
  • Keele Ringing Courses Further details and application forms are available from:
    Helen McGarry
    Centre for Continuing and Professional Education
    Keele University
    Staffs ST5 5BG
  • Yorkshire Association Ringing Course This annual course is primarily for members of the Yorkshire Association, although a very few places are sometimes made available to others.
    Details are usually published on the Yorkshire Association website early in February each year.
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