16th September 2015


Terms of Reference

  • to encourage and assist affiliated societies and the Officers and Committees of the Council in the exploitation of information and communications technology;
  • to support improved communication within the Exercise by such means as operating a World Wide Web site for the Council; and
  • to communicate to the Exercise developments in ringing-related computer software and hardware by such means as publishing a catalogue and reviews.

Programme of work for 2015/2016

  • Maintain the current CCCBR website with additions as requested by the Officers and the other Committees;
  • design and commence implementation of future website based on the WordPress content management system; and
  • advise and assist as needed the Officers, the other Committees and the Exercise in general on the exploitation of information and communications technology.


Committee members

Fred Bone (Essex Association)
Jacqui Brown (University of London Society)
Doug Davis (Kent County Association)
Andrew Hall (Derby Diocesan Association)
Peter Harrison (Australian and New Zealand Association)
Stuart Piper (Worcestershire and Districts Association)
David Richards (Cambridge University Guild) Chairman
Leigh Simpson (Ancient Society of College Youths)
Peter Trotman (Additional Member)

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