16th September 2015


Formed as the Legitimate Methods Committee in 1899, the Methods Committee is one of the Council’s longest-standing committees. Its electronic method collections on the internet contain more than 17,500 methods, and the Committee also produces hardcopy method collections and articles covering technical aspects of ringing.  In addition it provides an active service to ringers at large, giving information and advice about methods, method extension and other technical matters.

Method collections

The Central Council Method collections can be found on Tony Smith’s website at methods.org.uk

Consultation on the Central Council Decisions

A meeting to discuss future requirements and nature of any rules and recommendations relating to peal ringing, methods, compositions and records, currently embodied in Decisions (D) to (G) and (I) and (J), will be held at Southwark Cathedral conference centre on the afternoon of Sunday, 11th October commencing at 2.00pm. Would anyone intending to attend the meeting please notify the Methods Committee Chairman, Peter Niblett, by email so that numbers are known. Anyone wishing to partake in discussion by Skype, which is intended to be available, should similarly notify Peter. It would be useful if any specific views or submissions, whether from attendees or others, could be provided in advance to assist in making efficient use of time.

Feedback which has been submitted to the committee prior to the meeting can be found here.

Committee membership

Fred Bone (Essex Association)
Mark Davies (Gloucester and Bristol Diocesan Association)
David Grimwood (Kent County Association)
Peter Niblett (Winchester and Portsmouth Diocesan Guild) Chairman
David Richards (Cambridge University Guild)
Leigh Simpson (Ancient Society of College Youths)
Robin Woolley (Society of Sherwood Youths)

The Committee can be contacted by email here.


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