9th October 2016

Ringing societies

Below is a list of all currently known ringing societies around the world:

Aberystwyth University Society
Aldenham College Youths
Ancient Society of College Youths (4 CC Reps)
Antient Free and Accepted Masons of England - Clavis Lodge No. 8585
Army Guild of Bellringers
Australian and New Zealand Association (4 CC Reps)

Bangor Student Society
Barnsley and District Society
Barrow and District Society (1 CC Reps)
Bath and Wells Diocesan Association (5 CC Reps)
Bath University Society
Bedfordshire Association (3 CC Reps)
Beverley and District Society (2 CC Reps)
Birmingham University Society
British Carillon Society

Cambridge University Guild (2 CC Reps)
Camping, Caravanning and Hostelling Ringing Society
Canterbury Colleges Society
Cardiff Students' Society
Carlisle Diocesan Guild (2 CC Reps)
Central European Association
Chester Diocesan Guild (4 CC Reps)
Clerical Ringers Guild
Coventry Diocesan Guild (4 CC Reps)

Derby Diocesan Association (4 CC Reps)
Devon Association (2 CC Reps)
Devonshire Guild (4 CC Reps)
Doncaster and District Society
Dordrecht Ringers Guild
Dorset County Association (2 CC Reps)
Durham and Newcastle Diocesan Association (4 CC Reps)
Durham University Society (1 CC Reps)

East Anglia University
East Derbyshire & West Nottinghamshire Association (1 CC Reps)
East Grinstead and District Guild (1 CC Reps)
Edinburgh University Guild
Ely Diocesan Association (4 CC Reps)
Essex Association (5 CC Reps)
Exeter University Change Ringing

Faraday Guild
Fire Service Guild
Four Shires Guild (2 CC Reps)
Framland Ringers Society
Friends of Dorothy Society

Geldrop, Guild of St Brigida Bellringers
Gloucester and Bristol Diocesan Association (5 CC Reps)
Green Dragon Society
Guildford Diocesan Guild (4 CC Reps)

Halifax Archdeaconry Guild
Handbell Ringers of Great Britain
Hereford Diocesan Guild (4 CC Reps)
Hertford County Association (4 CC Reps)
Huddersfield University Society
Hull University Society

Irish Association (3 CC Reps)

Keele University Society
Kent County Association (5 CC Reps)

Ladies' Guild (3 CC Reps)
Lancashire Association (5 CC Reps)
Lancaster University Society
Leeds University Society (1 CC Reps)
Leicester Diocesan Guild (4 CC Reps)
Leicester University Society
Lichfield & Walsall Archdeaconry Society (3 CC Reps)
Lincoln Diocesan Guild (4 CC Reps)
Lincoln University Ringing
Liverpool Universities Society (1 CC Reps)
Llandaff and Monmouth Diocesan Association (3 CC Reps)
Lundy Island Society

Manchester University Guild
Medical Ringers Guild
Medway Universities
Middlesex County Association & London Diocesan Guild (4 CC Reps)
MIT Guild
Moorland Ringing Society
Musicians' Guild of Change Ringers

National Police Guild (1 CC Reps)
Newcastle Universities Society
North American Guild (4 CC Reps)
North Staffordshire Association (2 CC Reps)
North Wales Association (2 CC Reps)
Norwich Diocesan Association (4 CC Reps)
Nottingham University Society

Open University Society
Oxford Diocesan Guild (6 CC Reps)
Oxford Society (1 CC Reps)
Oxford University Society (1 CC Reps)

Peterborough Diocesan Guild (4 CC Reps)
Portsmouth University
Post and Telecom Ringers Guild

Rambling Ringers Society
Reading University
Royal Air Force Guild
Royal Naval Guild

Saffron Walden Society
Salisbury Diocesan Guild (5 CC Reps)
Scottish Association (2 CC Reps)
Sheffield Universities' Guild
Shropshire Association (2 CC Reps)
Society of Royal Cumberland Youths (3 CC Reps)
Society of Sherwood Youths (1 CC Reps)
South African Guild (1 CC Reps)
South Northamptonshire Society
Southampton University
Southwell and Nottingham Diocesan Guild (4 CC Reps)
St Agatha's Guild (1 CC Reps)
St Andrews University
St Brannock's Society of North Devon
St David's Diocesan Guild (1 CC Reps)
St James's Society
St Martin's Guild for the Diocese of Birmingham (2 CC Reps)
St Mary Abbotts Guild, Kensington
Suffolk Guild (4 CC Reps)
Surrey Association (4 CC Reps)
Surrey University Society
Sussex County Association (5 CC Reps)
Swansea and Brecon Diocesan Guild (2 CC Reps)

Teachers, National Guild of
The Society of Cambridge Youths
Three and Four Bell National Society
Towcester, St Lawrence Society
Truro Diocesan Guild (5 CC Reps)

University of Bristol Society (2 CC Reps)
University of London Society (1 CC Reps)

Veronese, Associazione Suonatori di Campane a Sistema (2 CC Reps)

Welsh Colleges Guild
West Anglia Society
Whiting Society
Winchester and Portsmouth Diocesan Guild (5 CC Reps)
Worcestershire and Districts Association (4 CC Reps)

York Colleges Guild
Yorkshire Association (5 CC Reps)

Zimbabwe Guild

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