10th November 2016

Peal Record Performance

Barrow and District Society


Hampshire, Cathedral

On Monday 27 August 2012, in 3 hours and 54 minutes

Tenor: 35¾

5,040 Kent Treble Bob Fourteen

Composed by Robert D S Brown

1Barry F Peachey
2Roy LeMarechal
3Lesley A Knipe
4Janet L Morris
5R Mark Esbester
6Graham W Elmes
7Timothy F Collins (C)
8Thomas R Garrett
9Scott Wheaver
10Nicholas J Parkes
11Jeffrey Knipe
12Simon D G Webb
13Malcolm S Turner
14Keith W Scudamore

This is the first Peal of Kent Treble Bob Fourteen to be rung on tower bells. Completes the 'family' from Minor to Sixteen, and are the first to do so on tower bells - 1, 2, 7, 13. Conductor also completes the family as Conductor.
Rung in thanksgiving for the life of Alison K Regan (nee Surry) of Worcester at the tower where she learned to ring. Alison rang many of her early Peals with a number of members of this band


5040 Kent Treble Bob Fourteen by Robert D S Brown

23456 M W H --------------- 52364 2 2 2 65243 2 2 2 63542 2 1 34625 2 2 23456 2 2 2 --------------- Contains 16 56s, 40 little bell.

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