10th November 2016

Peal Record Performance

Barrow and District Society


West Midlands, St Martin

On Sunday 19 June 2011, in 3 hours and 47 minutes

Tenor: 39

5,120 Kent Treble Bob Sixteen

Composed by Robert D S Brown

1Susan E Marshall
2Keith W Scudamore
3Nicholas J Parkes
4Howard E J Smith
5Roy LeMarechal
6Trevor C Ledger
7Janet L Morris
8Robert M Wood
9Barry F Peachey
10Jeremy W J Mather
11Thomas R Garrett
12Peter H Gardner
13Jeffrey Knipe
14Simon D G Webb
15Malcolm S Turner
16Timothy F Collins (C)

This is the first peal of Kent TB Sixteen to be rung on tower bells.
1st peal on 16 bells: 6,10,11,12,13,14.
1st of Sixteen: 16.
1st peal of Sixteen for the Society.
1st peal of Kent TB on tower bells: 1.
200th peal together: 6,15.
Circled the tower to 16-bell peals: 5.

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