10th November 2016

Peal Record Performance

St James Guild


London, Christ Church

On Saturday 23 April 2005, in 11 hours and 35 minutes

Tenor: 17¼

17,280 London Surprise Major

Composed by Brian D Price

1Andrew B Mills
2Paul N Mounsey
3David C Brown (C)
4Martin J Whiteley
5John P Loveless
6Marc Hart
7Roy LeMarechal
8Alan Regin

The longest peal of London Surprise Major yet rung.
Rung to the memory of Eric Carl Elstob (1943 - 2003); for over a quarter of a century, Eric worked towards the restoration of this church, serving as Treasurer, Chairman and as President of The Friends of Christ Church Spitalfields

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Roger Bailey
Stephen J F Mitchell
Brian D Price
Joanna K Dorling
Derek E Sibson
Linda M Garton
Ian Roulstone


17280 London Surprise Major by Brian D Price

23456 M H ----------------- 42356 a 63254 - a 26354 a 32654 a 46253 - a 62453 a - 34256 - a 46325 - a x 53624 - a 65324 a 36524 a 45623 - a ----------------- 5 part. a = s2½,In,W,s6½. s=1678. x is a 6th's place bob. Contains 144 crus.

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