10th November 2016

Peal Record Performance

Ancient Society of College Youths


Hampshire, Cathedral

On Monday 12 April 1993, in 4 hours and 7 minutes

Tenor: 35½

5,096 Bristol Surprise Fourteen

Composed by Roderick W Pipe

1Roderick W Pipe (C)
2Paul N Mounsey
3David J Dearnley
4Stephen A Coaker
5Jeffrey P Ladd
6Simon J L Linford
7Alan D Flood
8Paul E Bibilo
9David P Hilling
10John R Leary
11David I Smith
12Martin C Faulkes
13Michael P A Wilby
14D Paul Smith

First peal of Bristol S Fourteen on tower bells. To mark the 900th anniversary of the inauguration of the Cathedral.


5096 Bristol Surprise Fourteen

23456 M W H --------------- 24356 5* (54362) s s 43265 s 2 (63254) s s 23456 1 --------------- 5*=bbsbb.

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