10th November 2016

Peal Record Performance

Ancient Society of College Youths


West Midlands, St Martin

On Monday 2 January 2012, in 7 hours and 56 minutes

Tenor: 39½

10,560 Bristol Surprise Sixteen

Composed by Michael P A Wilby

1Stephanie J Warboys
2Jennifer E Earis
3Paul N Mounsey
4Simon J L Linford (C)
5David C Brown
6Philip J Earis
7Louis P H Suggett
8Andrew J Graham
9Thomas W Griffiths
10Roy LeMarechal
11Paul J Tiebout
12Robert W Lee
13John N Hughes-D'Aeth
14Paul L Carless
15Matthew J Hilling
16Michael P A Wilby

The longest peal yet rung on more than twelve bells.


Martin J Whiteley
Barry F Peachey
Stephen Jones
Victoria J M Wilby
Paul E Bibilo


10560 Bristol Surprise Sixteen by Michael P A Wilby

2345678 O V S F I ----------------------- 45236 - - 53462 - - 24365 - - 674523 s s s s 634527 s 573624 s ss s s 543627 s 63425 s s s 42356 s s - 23456 - ----------------------- S=7ths. 14ths place calls.

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