10th November 2016

Peal Record Performance

Bath & Wells Diocesan Association

Marston Bigot

Somerset, Pig-le-Tower

On Sunday 27 September 1998, in 6 hours and 20 minutes

Tenor: 20lb

16,128 Grendon Surprise Major

Composed by Michael J Platt

1Alex Hunt
2Tom Chapman
3Jenny M A Astridge
4Patricia D Spink
5Brian J Woodruffe (C)
6Robert E Beck
7Andrew J Palk
8Adrian P Beck

The longest peal in the method, and the longest peal yet rung for the Association.


Margaret E L Chapman
Michael J Stone


16128 Superlative S Major by Michael J Platt

234567 V M W F T ---------------------- 537426 s s 274536 s ss s 567423 s 274563 s ss s 573462 s s s 634572 s ss s 523467 s 63452 s ss s 537462 s s 674532 s ss s 572436 s s s 324576 s* ss s ---------------------- 4 part, calling S* in parts 2 and 4 only.

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