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CRAG Survey restored

Dear fellow ringers

I must apologise for the technical glitch that resulted in people having problems with the survey on January 14th. Three things seem to have happened at once – in relation to making the survey open to all, changing one question and editing the survey – which led to a situation where the survey became corrupted and submissions increasingly corrupted the form.

It is entirely our fault and we took the survey back to basics and rebuilt it which we believe has overcome all of the problems.

The survey is now back online but please note that all access should now be via the CRAG mini-website which is at cc-crag.weebly.com/2017-survey.

If you submitted a response already could we please ask you to do so again, but to include your email so that we can avoid any duplicates?

Thanks you for your patience with this. The results remain extremely important to our work and we were encouraged that so many of you had already replied – please do keep up your interest.

With best wishes


Phillip Barnes
Chairman, CRAG

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