17th November 2016

Record Peals

Record Peals are held in two underlying tables (+ one reference table), maintained by a single form. The data originates from that displayed on the original CCCBR site, which lacks structure and consistency. It is hoped that this can be improved over the course of time.

The list of record peals shows sufficient information for the peal to be identified. Click on the ID to go to the detail page (or NEW ITEM to create a new peal). This allows the following data to be entered.

Label Details
Method This should be the method name without the stage name (Minor, Major etc) or (for Spliced) the number of methods. These will be appended by the system for display.
Standard Method If YES the peal will be included in the ‘Standard Methods’ page.
Stage Minimus to Twenty-Two currently catered for. For a new stage, this will need to be added into the relevant table by a Database Administrator.
Changes Number of changes rung. This can be null as the length of some earlier peals is not known, otherwise a minimum value of 5000.
Date The date rung (or started). This is used to sort peals into date order. There was one peal (40320 Bob Major) which went over two dates in the summary. As this was not displayed as such in the detail pages, this subtle piece of information is not missing. Maybe it should go in a note to the peal?
Methods Number of methods (for spliced). Will default to 1 (even for principles).
Principles  Number of principles (for spliced). If methods+principles > 1 then (e.g.) ‘(1m/1v)’ will be displayed after the method name.
All-the-work  if YES ‘All the work’/'(atw’) will be displayed
Category First Peal, Record Length, Surpassed Record or Other
In Hand YES if a hand bell peal
Location Location of the method (e.g. Tower/County or as appropriate for handbell peals)
RW Ref Ringing World Reference. [TODO. There is also provision for a bellboard reference, but this is currently disabled]

Detail Pages Information is displayed on the Detail Pages.

Enable Details Page If YES, then a link to a details page is enabled in the summary page
Society  Society rung for
Tower Tower (or location for handbells)
Time Time for the peal. Format is h[h]:mm
Composer Name of composer.
1 to 16 Ringer. For handbells 1 will display as 1-2, 2 as 3-4 etc in the display ed page
Footnote Any footnote to the peal. Free format.
Umpires One per line please
Composition Composition. Free format text. This is best pasted in from a separate document. On the display page it will be free format text.

The Record Peal pages are all displayed using a single short-code ([cccbr_sc_record_peals]), with current pages as per the current site. However, as this is now pulled from a database, the peals form a single list ordered by method, stage and number of changes.

The short code has several optional parameters which control what is displayed.

inhand TRUE: Include handbell peals only
FALSE: Include tower bell peals only
NULL (default): Include both
include A list of categories to be included. Default is ‘first, surpassed, long’.
The other category is ‘other’.
standard TRUE: Include standard methods only
FALSE: Exclude standard methods
NULL (default): Include all methods
stagefr The lowest stage to include (default is 0), e.g. 4 for minimus, 12 for maximums Spliced caters/royal is 9.5!
stageto The highest stage to include (default is 99). Currently this goes up to 22.
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