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19th October 2016

Role Assignment Help

The Role Assignment dataset defines which members have been appointed to each role. For ADD, all fields are available for input. Otherwise the form is displayed read only with buttons CHANGE ASSIGNMENT and CHANGE DETAILS, which will unlock appropriate fields.

Label Details
Role The role being appointed to
Member The member assigned to the role. For CHANGE ASSIGNMENT, the existing member will be removed from the list.
Notes Notes for the member (or New member in the case of CHANGE ASSIGNMENT). Currently the main use is for qualifications for the Towers and Belfries Committee, in the form Qualifications= … Everything after the ‘=’ will be displayed on the T&B list of committee members.
Start Date The date the member was appointed to the role (ADD and CHANGE DETAILS)
Change Date For CHANGE ASSIGNMENT this is the date of the change of office, and defaults to today’s date. This date will be applied as End Date for the current member and Start Date for the new member.
End Date The date the member ceased (or ceases) to be assigned to the role.


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