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19th October 2016

Roles Help

The Roles table defines the roles that may be applied to a particular entity in the Organisation structure, such as President or Committee Member. Members of Council may be assigned to one or more roles via the Role Assignment pages.

Label Details
Role Full (i.e. displayed) name of the role.
Organisation Organisation. Record in the organisation which the role applies to (for example and Administrative committee member will apply to the Administrative Committee). Note that for committees, there are separate roles for Chair, Secretary and Member and (potentially) Consultant. Only current organisation records which are marked as having roles will  be presented in the list.
Ex Officio Role This is for where a chairman of one committee is, (e.g.) ex-officio, a member of the administrative committee.
Can be Ex-Officio? Yes if this role can be considered for ex-officio. (Only roles with this marked as Yes will be included in the above list).
Members The maximum number of members for this role. Typically 1 for Chairman or Secretary of a committee – and now unlimited (I’ve assumed 99) for committee members. [Not even sure this is enforced!]
Email Email address for the role. This should be the assigned role@cccbr.org.uk addresses, if one is available.
Start Date The date on which the role came (or comes – it can be in the future) into existence.
End Date The date on which the role ceased (or ceases – it can be in the future) to exist. Once End Date has passed, the record will no longer be visible.


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