22nd February 2016

Evesham Bell Tower


9 September 2008: NOW SOLD OUT

Many readers will readily recall the stunning front page of The Ringing World dated 30 May 2003. It featured a wonderfully detailed painting of the ringers and the ringing chamber at the Evesham Bell Tower. We are delighted to record our thanks to the artist (and ringer) Philip Shepherd RWS and the ringers at Evesham for allowing this wooden jigsaw puzzle to be made by Wentworths and sold in aid of the CCCBR Bell Restoration Fund.

The provenance of the painting appeared in an article by Chris Povey on pages 510/511 of the 30 May 2003 issue of the RW, which will be included with each puzzle despatched.

The Wentworth Wooden Jigsaw Company creates jigsaws for those who do the picture first and the edge at the end! It can take less time than a peal to complete, if you want to that is. There are about 250 pieces measuring 250mm x 360mm (10″ x 14″) when complete, so it is unlikely to clutter your dining room table for long, although you might want to frame it when it is finished.

Wentworth has the ‘cutting edge’ in the jigsaw market place and uses lasers to make the intricate shapes. There are pieces with straight edges inside the puzzle and sixteen special ones known as ‘whimsies’ to add to the fun. “Whimsies” were so-called because Victorian puzzle cutters included such shapes ‘on a whim’ and Wentworths have revived this tradition.

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