21st February 2016

The Ringers' Arms Pub Sign


The 12th puzzle is a familiar image that was commissioned by the Editor of The Ringing World for its beer tent at the 2001 Ringing Roadshow and kindly loaned by the artist, Maggie Willans, for the RW Centenary art exhibition “Inspired by Bells” in March 2011. More recently, it has featured above the “Down the Pub” gossip column by AJB!

Maggie’s attention to detail and amusing touches (eg a lion with a bell rope, two lions ringing handbells, a lion with a pint of beer and another with a copy of The Ringing World, plus a figure-of-eight knot in his tail) all add to a fun puzzle.

Wentworth puzzles make an excellent gift and this picture attracts one to complete it over and over again. Beware – there are straight edges inside the puzzle and a set of rural “whimsies” (so-called because Victorian puzzle cutters included them ‘on a whim’). Whilst it is a pity to suggest this jigsaw is done in a hurry, the challenge is to complete it in less than 50 minutes! Perhaps some puzzles will become an added pastime in the pub after ringing, too . . .

The proceeds will go to the CC Bell Restoration Fund, whose income comes entirely from legacies, donations, the sale of items such as these jigsaws and interest; the amount available varies significantly from year to year.

When funds are available, applications for grants are invited by notices in The Ringing World and on the CCCBR website. All available money is allocated in accordance with the criteria and priorities established by the Central Council.

This wooden puzzle contains 200 pieces and measures: 200mm x 200mm. It is available by cheque payable to: CCCBR at £15 +£3 p+p within the UK from Stella Bianco, Oaklands, West Chiltington Lane, Broadford Bridge, Billingshurst RH14 9EA Email: (email)

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