17th February 2016

CC Bell Restoration Fund

Money will always be needed for bell restoration work to keep alive the tradition of change ringing – something that has been practised all over the British Isles for over 300 years and has now spread abroad, especially to places where there has been a strong British influence.

The CCCBR Bell Restoration Fund’s income comes entirely from legacies, donations, fund-raising offers and interest.


When funds are available, applications for grants are invited by notices in The Ringing world and on this website, generally in December or January. Available money is allocated in accordance with the criteria and priorities established by the Central Council.

Grants awarded are shown each year in the Bell Restoration Committee’s annual report which can be viewed via the Minutes of the following year’s Annual Meeting of the Council.

How can you help

Wills and legacies
Leaving money in your will is one of the most effective and painless ways of helping such a good cause.

Please see wills and legacies

Cash donations
These are always very welcome and can be made at any time to the Central Council Bell Restoration Fund care of the Treasurer of the Central Council, 2 Kingfisher Way, Kelvedon, Colchester, Essex CO5 9NS. Cheques should be made payable to The Central Council of Church Bell Ringers and it should be made clear that the money is for the Bell Restoration Fund. Cheques can also be sent to local ringing associations who will all have a bell restoration fund.

Cash donations with Gift Aid
Any donation made out of taxed income to a registered charity will qualify for tax relief. A statement should be completed that your donation is being made out of taxed income. Tax can then be claimed back by the charity, making a larger gift at no greater cost to you.

Payroll Giving
Employees (and others paying tax by PAYE, including recipients of pensions) can give to charity by having regular sums deducted from their gross income by their employer. Only those whose employers have agreed to operate a payroll deduction scheme are able to participate. Speak to your employer if you would like to follow this route.

(Any references to taxation refer to the situation in England and Wales and may be different elsewhere.)

Useful Inland Revenue Help Line number: Charities – 0845 302 0203

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