14th February 2016

Publication of compositions in The Ringing World

The most regularly visible part of the Committee’s work is proving and reviewing compositions submitted for publication in The Ringing World.  Please send submissions for publication to (email).

Whenever possible, please submit compositions by email. We can more easily, quickly, and reliably distribute electronic submissions amongst committee members and helpers than submissions by other means; they thus can be dealt with faster and with less chance of introducing errors.

When submitting compositions please state whether you intend them for publication in The Ringing World, or just for publication on the web site.

When submitting compositions by email please include them in the body of the message, rather than attaching a separate file. It is often difficult or impossible for those without the same version of the same word processor or other application running on the same kind of machine with exactly the same fonts installed to correctly decode such attachments. Further, please ensure when creating such a message that your mail client is set up to use a fixed width font, such as Courier or Monaco. With variable width fonts (which most fonts, including Times, Ariel and Helvetica, are) columns will not line up correctly on the recipient’s machine unless the recipient is using exactly the same operating system with exactly the same fonts as you are. If you both use a fixed width font, even if it is a different font on a different operating system, things that line up correctly on one will line up correctly on the other. Finally, please also use spaces rather than tabs since the interpretation of the tab character varies from machine to machine as well.

Should you not be able to use email (which seems unlikely if you’re reading this web page) an address is published in the Ringing World for you to use.

Typewritten submissions are much less likely to be misread than handwritten ones. Indeed, whatever means you use to submit a composition, please double check its accuracy. Ringing compositions are notoriously prone to subtle transcription errors, and over a quarter of the submissions we receive contain errors of some sort.

There is occasionally some confusion regarding the submission of compositions. Unlike some societies that require the submission of the composition to the peal secretary in order to credit the peal to that society, there is no need to submit a composition to the committee unless you wish the composition itself published. Unlike the peal secretaries of various societies we do not maintain records of what composition was rung when. We merely publish peal compositions that may be of interest to other ringers (citing their first performance when known).

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