23rd February 2016

Courses and seminars

The Education Committee is keen to contribute to training events organised within associations and their branches, and members of the committee typically do this several times each year. All our courses have been developed with this in mind, having a degree of flexibility that allows them to be tailored to suit local requirements or specifically targeted student groups.

Some courses are also delivered from time to time on an open basis.

Listening Skills

Listening is an essential ringing skill, and this very popular one day course explores why many people find it hard to develop.

Mentored Conducting Programme

Conducting is a skill which is usually developed over many years and with much practice. Various publications explain some of the basic techniques, such as the transposition of coursing orders, but for many people this is difficult to translate into practice. This programme involves assigning an experienced conducting ‘mentor’ to each student. The mentor is available by email to provide guidance, explain the conducting techniques, answer questions and generally try to help the students to learn how to conduct more effectively. The entry level is for ringers who are confident to call touches, there is no upper level.

The key is we are trying to teach conducting. The focus is on how to keep people right, plus related techniques such as selecting and learning compositions. The intention is not to teach Bob Calling, because that is a skill well served by existing publications.
If you need more information on basic Bob Calling, please find some suggestions on the Conducting page of the Central Council Bibliography page – http://www.cccbr.org.uk/bibliography/

If you need experience at Bob Calling, to gain more confidence so you are ready to develop your conducting further via this programme, please arrange that at a local practice night or with help from your local association. If you are ready to take this further now, we are ready to help you – please find more information, including how to join, on the Conduct 5040 webpages – just follow the link below :


Seminars on other topics

Seminars can be arranged on other aspects of teaching and developing ringing skills, for example ropesight or good striking.

These seminars are mainly intended for those with some experience of teaching ringers, and participants are encouraged to play an active role by contributing their ideas and experiences in discussions. Where possible some practical demonstrations or exercises are included.

More information

If you are interested in any of the above courses or seminars, or if you have suggestions of other topics that would be useful, please contact the Central Council Education Committee secretary:

Lucy Hopkins Till
E-mail: (email)
Address: 425 Worting Road, Basingstoke, RG23 8PT, UK
Phone: 01256 350718

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