24th February 2016

Dips into….

There is a wealth of advice and guidance for ringers on all sort of topics. Most of it is published in books, and readily available at very low prices, but many ringers are unaware of what is available or where to find it. If you know that a book contained something of interest to you, you try to get it.

But until you get the book, you don’t know it contains anything of interest, so you don’t get it.

Every month CC Publications lists over 70 publications in a large advertisement in The Ringing World, but how many of us stop to read it? In any case, what can you tell about the style, content and usefulness of a book from its title? About half of the CC publications are about either learning or teaching, so the Education Committee has agreed to produce a series of “Dips into . . .” various books, to give a flavour of what they contain.

The Ringing Bibliography also covers all the CC publications together with more than 20 others relevant to learning or teaching ringing.

The following “Dips” are now available:

  • The Tower Handbook
  • Teaching Beyond Bell Handling
  • Steps forward — change ringing theory
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