26th February 2016

Framework for training ringers

The Framework provides a starting point for a systematic approach to training in your band. Its headings cover all aspects relevant to training, and the statements under each heading describe objectives that good practice will achieve.

The easiest way to use the Framework is as a checklist. For each aspect, does the way you do things take account of it? Is it practical (taking account of your situation)? Do you need to do anything about it? Could you explain why you do what you do, if anyone asked?

An explanatory leaflet
Read this first – two sides of A4 + useful references – Download

The Framework itself Then use this – two sides of A4 – Download

A set of supplementary questions that may help you to think in more detail about each objective. If needed. use this also – eight sides of A4 – Download

The Framework headings can also provide the structure for a written code of practice for your tower, if you ever needed to produce one.

Articles describing the history and development of the Framework were published in The Ringing World on 21 October 2005 (p1010)*, 12 May 2006 (p446) and 9 June 2006 (p542).

In December 2006, the Chairman wrote to all affiliated societies encouraging them to promote the Framework in their area. A downloadable copy of this document is available by clicking here.

If you have any comments or questions, please please contact us at (email).

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