26th February 2016

Ringing Practice Toolkit – More Doubles

  • More Doubles
    • Table of 8 methods by frontwork, 3/4 work and backwork
    • Grids of plain courses and bobs for St Simons, Reverse Canterbury
    • Plain course grids for St Martins, St Nicholas, Winchendon Place, St Osmund
    • Plain course grids for Eynesbury, St Remegius, Huntley
    • Table of 17 variations based on plain courses of Plain Bob, Reverse Canterbury, St Simons and St Martins, using a variety of singles and bobs
  • Doubles frontworks
    • Frontwork lines for St Simons, St Martins, St Osmund, Eynesbury
    • Lines for Plain Bob & Reverse Canterbury bobs; Grandsire single & extreme; Old, Wallflower, Pink & Antelope singles
  • Join-the-dots method maker grids
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