26th February 2016

Ringing Practice Toolkit – Introduction

This collection of hands-on teaching aids, wall charts, quizzes and guidance notes has been drawn together for use in the tower by people teaching ringing, such as tower captains, ringing tutors and those running occasional practices or local ringing courses.

They are broad in their content thus providing plenty of variety for those ringers (and they are numerous) who find moving on to change ringing a long arduous task.

Material is provided at each stage for development and consolidation of skills and also for a choice of ringing on practice nights. In some bands the less experienced ringers have previously been limited to ringing call changes.

The variety offered here at each stage provides the ringing teacher with ideas for keeping his band interested and preventing boredom. Fundamental skills can be practised in different and imaginative ways.

Included are methods and exercises which allow a ringer or ringers to develop one particular skill in isolation, also strategies to assist the ringing master to cope with some of the difficulties encountered when running practices.

Ringing should be fun. It is a progressive skill and this product provides ideas plus practical teaching aids which enable it to be taught in a structured fashion. There is no attempt made to disguise the fact that learning to ring is not easy. It requires time, patience and application.

Change ringing changes lives; it brings achievement to some people who are not used to it. It develops the mind, trains thinking powers, builds team working skills and self confidence.

The art of the ringing tutor is to use the experts to teach the learners while at the same time advancing the skills of the experts.

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