26th February 2016

Ringing Practice Toolkit – Special/difficult practices

Need something to entertain or prevent boredom in a call changes band?

  • Ideas for having fun with call changes. See Foundation Skills.
  • Use Kaleidoscope exercises and find out how to build up towards Mexican Wave. See Foundation Skills.

Need to entertain Doubles ringers?

  • More Doubles methods, plus front works for Doubles methods. See Doubles Methods section.
  • Use variations and different bobs and singles from More Doubles from Doubles Methods section.
  • See All Change section for Original, Bastow Little Court Doubles Penultimus and Churchyard Bob, Cornwall Slow Course, Reverse St Bartholomew and Stedman quick sixes or Cloister Doubles, which provide variety but should prove reasonably easy to ring.

Meet short? How still to have fun:

  • See All Change section:
  • Want to ring treble bob but no treble ringer? Try Little Kent Court Minor (see All Change section). The treble makes seconds and leads etc, while the other bells ring Kent Treble Bob but without the front work
  • Want to practise Kent Treble Bob but not enough ringers? Try Forward Minor, which is a principle where all the bells ring treble bob hunt but with Kent places in 3/4. See All Changesection.
  • Practise ringing up and down in peal in small numbers (3 or 4).
  • When short of ringers for Doubles methods Minimus methods can be rung: see All Change section under Minimus.
  • Try Original or Penultimus from All Change section under “Doubles methods and variations”. These can be rung with ringers who can plain hunt but not ring methods. They are not strictly speaking “methods” but will provide variety and improve ropesight skills.

Need to improve handling skills?

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