29th February 2016

BelTutor Ringing Trainer

What it runs on
PC running Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7 or8 (32 or 64 bit), with a CD drive, a fast 80486 processor + sound card for sound, or a P100 with 16mb RAM for moving ropes, although configuration can also affect performance.

What it does
BelTutor is a cut down version of Beltower, designed for training new learners in a tower.   It is an ideal way to teach new learners up to and including Plain Hunt.   Like Beltower, it has unique features, not found on other simulators, designed to help learners through the early stages.   It can also be used at home and with hand bells, but it is restricted to manual call changes, plain hunt and Kaleidoscope exercises.

All the ringing features of Beltower are present including:

  • changes display with row by row accuracy reporting and striking monitor
  • real bell sounds and interactive animation (ropes or hand bells)
  • rounds and manual call changes
  • raising and lowering in peal
  • Kaleidoscope exercises in Doubles and Triples, to be updated by the Author, from time to time
  • plain hunt on up to 16 bells
  • Blue Line Preview (plus red, green, cyan etc.) to review the Kaleidoscope exercises
  • input from keyboard, mouse or sensors (COM or USB)
  • place key input mode, and wait for correct input
  • strike on input mode, plus alternate stroke and target-place hand/back detection in Ring Options
  • co-operative timing and co-operative speed modes for an introduction to rounds
  • multi-bell recording + playback facility with save/load
  • the Listening Challenge for honing your listening skills
  • complete Beltower Help, including the full version’s features

Library used
Own method library supplied.

What it costs
Price: £2.00 including P&P (+ £1.50 for delivery outside Europe).

Where to get it and/or more information
Supplied on CD.
Order on-line or by post from: D. J. Ballard, 23 Laurel Road, Honiton, Devon EX14 2XN, UK
Tel: 01404 42732
Email: (email)
More info: Web: www.beltower.co.uk/tutor.htm

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