29th February 2016

Duco – Ringing Database

What it runs on
Windows XP, Vista, and 7.
5MB of free disk space for installation, data files are usually under 1Mb even for 1000s of peals. Microsoft .Net version 4 required, included with Windows 7, or downloadable free of charge from Microsoft’s website.

What it does
Duco allows you to store and interrogate your peal or quarter-peal records.
It simplifies record-keeping by allowing you to download the details straight from Campanophile, and validates them to try to reduce errors. It can then generate a multitude of statistics including: leading ringers and towers; tower and year circling; peal maps and much more.
See full details at www.rocketpole.co.uk.

Libraries used
Central council XML method libraries can be imported, as can data from Dove’s Guide to correct any tower errors.

What it costs
Price: £20.00. Updates are free.

Where to get it and/or more information
Download trial version from www.rocketpole.co.uk via “Download” tab. Purchase online via Google Checkout via “Sales” tab.
Free updates and inclusion of additional statistics if requested. One purchase permits two installs.

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