29th February 2016

Eril Composition Prover and Seeker

What it runs on
Windows 95/98/NT/2000

What it does
Eril is a program that searches for compositions based on a specification for compositions. The specification can contain optional alternatives for leads, methods, or parts of the composition, each of which is tried in an attempt to find all true touches that match the composition specification. It is an enhancement of the microSIRIL language that adds macros, conditional/alternative place notation blocks, ranges of values for repeated blocks and other enhancements.

The same method libraries as microSIRIL.

What it costs
Nothing. This is available freely to the ringing community at present.

Where to get it and/or more information
Full details about eril, and the executables and libraries needed are available from http://ropley.com/SharedFiles/Download.aspx?pageid=72&mid=93&fileid=9. The author can be contacted via the web page also.

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