29th February 2016

EXCALIBUR (v4) for Windows

What it runs on
Windows 95/98/Me/XP. Excalibur comes on 1 CD-ROM

What it does
Excalibur takes compositions written in standard format, straight from the composition books, rings the composition and checks it for falseness. It has a built in editor and can check about 96% of compositions exactly as they are written. It will handle peals and touches of up to 40320 changes from 5-30 bells. An average peal is checked in around 1 second. You can view and print the output in a number of different ways, including blue lines of a single method or a complete composition. All popular methods are built in, or you can add methods with one click from microSIRIL method libraries or define your own. There are over 200 help screens with 40 compositions to try. An extensive 30 page manual is included, plus free help and support!

Libraries needed
microSIRIL method libraries included

What it costs
£19.95 including post and packaging

Where to get it and / or more information

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