29th February 2016

Method Tutor

What it runs on
IBM-compatible PC with Windows 95 or later

What it does
The program uses the clock dial to aid remembering the sequence of work in the method.
Instructs on plain courses and simple touches of Plain Bob Minimus / Doubles / Minor / Triples / Major, Grandsire Doubles / Triples. Allows you to practice counting your places, being warned if an error is made. The places are entered using the Mouse or the Keyboard. The user can observe the effects of Bob and Single calls on each piece of work. Step backwards then forward again to review the work, or change the call made.
In addition to the clock face is a user selectable blue line display with three levels. No Blue Line – You may click the display for a quick look if lost. Show Blue Line of past changes. Show Blue Line Preview, which updates for Bob and Single calls.
There are four user selectable Textual Prompting levels. Display current place and next place. Additional hints. Include the bell you are following in the text. No Prompt, but mistakes are still highlighted.

What it costs

Where to get it and/or more information

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