29th February 2016

Method Workshop

What it runs on
IBM-compatible PC with Windows 95 or later

What it does
Unlike some programs this is easy to use and should meet the needs of the ordinary ringer rather than a peal composer. The main features of this program are. View / print Method diagrams for any method. View / print Blue line diagrams. Any bell can be your Blue line bell. The CCCBR libraries of 13000+ methods are included as standard, or enter place notation for unclassified or recently added methods. The Method Workshop handles methods from Minimus to Maximus.
Although it is not designed as a proving program, nevertheless it tests touches, quarters and peals are true, as you enter them in lead based or course based notation. When calling a touch, you may find the option to View / print all the lead ends in the touch helpful. Workshop can help when learning the places for any bell in a plain course or touch of the selected method.
Drive your family insane by ringing a plain course or a peal on real bells. For methods above Major, download the extra 12 bell tower samples from the website or record your own bells. For fun have a go at designing your own method by modifying an existing method or template using the screen editor.

What it costs

Where to get it and/or more information

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