29th February 2016

Method Writer

What it runs on
Runs on any Windows 95/98/NT/ME. Also works well on a Mac with VirtualPC. Not tested on Windows 2000 but will probably work fine.

What it does
Method Writer reads and expands methods from three to sixteen bells from a library. The choosen method can be modified, printed, seen as a blue line and played on any speed with real sounds. Also method proofing, command position recognition and, work analysis and a search for musically interesting changes is offered. A lot of settings to alter the behaviour of the program are available.

Advanced possibilities:

  • Methods can be extended to touches through a extended Lead End format.
  • Methods may be altered with bob and single commands in any WBHM or alike sceme (composer mode)
  • Touches may be extended on a ‘per lead’ basis with bobs, singles, plain leads or any other user defined command (conductor mode). This can even be done during actual play of the method.

What it costs
Method Writer is free software but may not be redistributed by any means without written consent of the author. Also nice postcards are welcomed if you like the program!

Where to get it and/or more information
Theo van Soest
E-mail: (email)

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