29th February 2016

Peal Prover v5.1

What it runs on
PC running Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP or 32 bit Vista

What it does
The program allows you to carry out the following main actions:

  • Use place notations to define a method.
  • Print out the changes and blue line for a method (each bell in a different colour if you want)
  • Define a calling composition.
  • Exchange methods and compositions between users.
  • Print out the changes or just the lead ends for a composition.
  • Check if a composition is true or false.
  • Search for musical changes in a composition.
  • Check the leads rung in each method by each bell in a spliced composition.

Libraries used
Private library supplied with the software. Extra methods can be easily entered by the user, and exchanged between users via the export / import features.

What it costs
Available as a free download from the Bath branch ringers website.

Where to get it and/or more information
Download from bathbranchringing.org/index.php5?title=Peal_Prover

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