29th February 2016

Ringbell Ropesight Tutor

What it runs on
IBM-compatible PC with Windows 95 or later

What it does
Designed to assist a learner to gain an appreciation of ropesight by allowing them to stand behind the selected bell in a six or eight bell tower. It has an animated screen showing bellringers and their ropes with a number of optional guides showing the bells place, direction of movement and which bell it is following. Optional open handstroke or cartwheeling affects the display and also the sound. Shows called changes to Queens and back, Devon Changes. Shows Doubles, Minor, Triples and Major methods of Plain Hunt / Plain Bob / Grandsire. For a bit of non serious ‘fun’ the user can test their timing skills in interactive mode.
Supplied with the sound of Halesowen bells, with detailed instructions on recording your own. Programs provided for installation and removal.

What it costs

Where to get it and/or more information

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