29th February 2016

SABRE for Windows

What it runs on
Windows 95/98/Me/XP. Sabre comes on 1 CD-ROM

What it does
Sabre is a composition generation programme for 8 bell methods. It will generate touches of up to 40320 changes, with tenors together or split, with up to 8 spliced methods, in up to 6 parts. Sabre comes with a vast array of options and features to generate a composition which matches your requirements. It will generate and save up to 10000 compositions at once, with output in standard composition book format. The highly optimised generation algorithum can generate over 40 different peals a second. A detailed 17 page manual included, plus free help and support!

Libraries needed
microSIRIL method libraries are included.

What it costs
£25.00 including post and packaging

Where to get it and / or more information

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