29th February 2016


What it runs on
IBM-compatible PCs with Windows 3.1 or above. This version will run on PCs with a 16 or 256 colour graphics display (it is generally possible to set others to one of these values from the Control Panel).

What it does
Speed simulates the dynamical motion of an “ideal” bell and clapper in real time. The user supplies dynamical parameters; the bell rings down from whatever starting position is specified. An ideal bell is wholly frictionless and the clapper collision is wholly inelastic. The program will indicate a multiple blow if this should happen, and assesses the force of the blow. A moving icon indicates the situation of bell and clapper in real time (occasional hesitations may intrude on slower PCs), provided that your PC has an arithmetic coprocessor.

What it costs
Discretionary donation to any BRF.

Where to get it and/or more information
Visit feste.org.uk

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