29th February 2016

Utilities from Glenn Taylor

What it runs on
PC running DOS/Windows

What it does
INTERMET (DOS) Produces inter-method falseness tables for symmetric regular 8/10/12-bell methods. Can also produce tenors-together falseness for any rung course.

UGCalc (Windows) This is a universal groups calculator for 8-bell composition. The program will:

  • Determine the falseness groups for which a user-specified set of courses is true.
  • Allow the user to assemble a set of courses that is true to a user-specified set of falseness groups.

INTERLD6 (Windows) Calculates inter-method falseness for (fixed treble) minor methods by determining the half-leads of user-specified methods that must be avoided if the half-lead starting with rounds is rung to any user- specified method(s).

Library used
INTERMET and INTERLD6 each use a small library to which methods can easily be added

What it costs
Freeware. Either send a 3.5″ disk and return postage, or an email (to receive a ZIP file ~400kb) to the address below.

Where to get it and/or more information
Glenn Taylor, 1 Frayne Road, Ashton, Bristol, BS3 1RU, UK
Phone: (0117) 963-5816

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