2nd March 2016

Library Catalogue

This latest version of the catalogue is a modification and extension of John Eisel’s 2002 Catalogue of the library’s printed books.

It has been extended to include items other than printed books in the library collection. The number of sections has been increased and cross-referencing between sections has been introduced. The original accession numbers are unchanged.

This version is intended as an interim step to respond to requests to make the information available online. As time and technology permit, it is planned to make the catalogue more easily searchable. Clicking on a section title below will open a new page. To search for a specific item, right click anywhere on that page, select ‘Find’ and enter the appropriate single search word.

Items not highlighted are not yet available.

Please notify Alan Glover (email) of any corrections or suggestions.

1 National Journals 13 Methods and Method Structure 25 Pictures, Photographs and Prints
2 Newsletters 14 Composing, Compositions and Splicing 26 Letters
3 Annual Reports 15 Conducting 27 Postal Items
4 Lists of Bells 16 Teaching, Training and Managing a Tower 28 Ephemera
5 Bells – General 17 Change Ringing Machines, Computers and Simulators 29 Picture Postcards
6 Founders and Foundries 18 Mathematics of Change Ringing 30 Recordings
7 Bells and Towers – Technical 19 Miscellaneous 31 Service Sheets – Dedications
8 Bell Archaeology 20 Languages other than English 32 Service Sheets – Other than Dedications
9 Carillons and Carillon Music 21 Academic Theses and Studies 33 Snowdon Series
10 Handbells and Handbell Ringing 22 Peal Records 34 CCCBR Publications
11 History of Ringing 23 Manuscripts
12 Change Ringing 24 Other Media
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