11th May 2016

Ringing Roadshows

  • Roadshow 2014 was held on Saturday 6th September 2014 at the Newbury Racecourse

Previous Roadshows

Ringing Roadshows have been held periodically since 1997. The aims were to provide a showcase for ringing organisations and vendors and an opportunity for ringers to meet, to buy ringing related things, to have a go on a mini-ring or handbells, attend seminars and so on. Each Roadshow has been bigger and more ambitious than the previous one, and the patronage rose correspondingly to make this viable.

But growth cannot go on for ever, and after the 2008 Roadshow at Stoneleigh in 2008, it became clear that continued growth could not necessarily be assumed, and that the format should be reviewed before holding another Roadshow. The celebrations in 2011 of The Ringing World centenary provided a natural pause for thought, since it would have been wrong for a RoadShow to compete with this once in a lifetime event.

The CC Public Relations Committee explored the future of national events for ringers, whether in the Roadshow format or some other, by consulting with the ringing community. It concluded that the broad format of the Roadshow is still what ringers want and will support, but that a return to a one-day event would be more viable. Accordingly the 2014 Roadshow will be in this well tried, successful format.

Previous Roadshows have included exhibits including: various Central Council Committees, The Ringing World, ringing societies, bellhangers and founders, bell accessory vendors, handbell ringing, mini-rings, campaniles and simulators, ringing software, recordings, videos, artwork, music, clothing, jewellery, teaching aids and publications togethe with seminars, workshops, demonstrations performances and various forms of refreshment.

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