10th May 2016

Past and future Major Ringing Events

Future Major Ringing Events

Widespread ringing is requested for the events listed below.

Date Event Comment
11 Nov 2018 Centenary of Armistice Day Widespread ringing, details TBD.

Selected Past Major Ringing Events

The events listed below are examples of those for which the Council has asked ringers to join in widespread coordinated ringing in recent years.

Date Event Comment
8 Sep 2016 Challenge 500 Widespread ringing at 6pm to begin Heritage Open Days
12 Jun 2016 National birthday ringing Noon-2pm if possible (or during weekend of 10-12 June)
Jan-Dec 2015 FirstPeal2015 A year long initiative to mark a special year for ringing
16 Nov 2013 Tercentenary of Fabian Stedman’s burial at St Andrew Undershaft, London (Exact date of death unknown.)
Details of ringing and publicity
29 Aug – 9 Sep 2012 Summer Paralympic Games, London Ringing for the Olympic Games
27 Jul – 12 Aug 2012 Summer Olympic Games, London Ringing for the Olympic Games
2 – 5 Jun 2012 Bank Holiday weekend for Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Details of local and national events
18 May – 26 Jul 2012 Olympic Flame travels around the UK Ringing for the Olympic Torch Relay
29 Apr 2011 Royal wedding: Prince William & Catherine Middleton Westminster Abbey ringing for the Royal Wedding
24 Mar 2011 Publication of The Ringing World Centenary articles in The Ringing World
22 Sep 2010 UN discusses International Year of Biodiversity Details of ringing, press release
13 Dec 2009 UN climate change summit – Copenhagen Touches of 350 changes (re 350ppm CO2)
17 Jan 2009 800th anniversary of Cambridge University 800 of Cambridge rung around the world
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