10th May 2016

Notable Secular Annual Days

Date Event Comment
1 January New Year’s Day Date touch
January – 3rd Monday Martin Luther King Day USA
25 January Burns Night Scotland
28 January Australia Day Australia
6 February Waitingi Day New Zealand
14 February Valentine’s Day
February – 3rd Monday Presidents’ Day USA
18 April Independence Day Zimbabwe
21 April Queen Elizabeth’s (real) birthday
23 April St George’s Day Ring for England
25 April ANZAC Day Australia & New Zealand
1 May May Day Coordinate with other local customs
May – 1st Monday Queen’s birthday New Zealand
May – Monday preceding 25th Victoria Day Canada (Monarch’s official birthday)
May – last Monday Memorial Day USA
June – 2nd Monday Queen’s birthday Australia (except WA)
June – 2nd Monday Commonwealth Day
14 Jun Flag Day USA
June – 2nd or 3rd Saturday Queen’s official birthday Trooping the Colour
1 July Canada Day Canada
4 July Independence Day USA
September – 1st Monday Labor Day USA
September – 2nd weekend Heritage Open Days Church towers open to the public and/or public ringing
21 September International Day of Peace Promoted by United Nations
October – 2nd Monday Columbus Day USA
October – 2nd Monday Thanksgiving Day Canada
11 November Remembrance Day Half muffled
11 November Veterans Day USA
November – 4th Thursday Thanksgiving Day USA
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