22nd May 2016

A Collection of Compositions in Popular Major Methods

* * * OUT OF PRINT – January 2008 * * *

Roderick R. Horton (2001, CC)

What constitutes a popular method? This collection uses as its selection criteria an analysis of what was rung over a three year period.

The number of compositions of each method roughly relates to their popularity. Whilst obviously some of the methods have become ‘popular’ due to the availability of compositions (and hence some duplication with material already published in previous collections) all the true favourites are well and truly represented with many previously unpublished works from some of the experts of the modern era.

Another big plus (in my humble opinion) is an inclusion of the musical properties for all compositions (roll up count, 8765’s etc.).

This handy pocket sized book is an excellent addition to the already available range of composition collections and I’m sure will become a firm favourite.


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